Turkish Private Charter with Global Scope

We are happy to provide our guests with the highest level of comfort in the most reliable manner. Your happiness will add to our pride.



Group jet charters provide the perfect way to have your group traveling together. With off-site check-in and security facilities, you eliminate the queues and hassle of traveling through a public airport…

Fly your group directly to your destination, departing when you want and to your schedule. We cater to groups of all sizes.


Private Jet Performance and Specifications

Luxury and comfort

We are proud to offer our high standards of comfort to our customers in the most reliable way.


We offer you the most suitable ones among the small, medium and large jets with a capacity of 5 – 19 passengers.


We guarantee the confidentiality of our valued customers within the framework of high standards of quality, comfort and most importantly reliability.


We are working to make your journey go smoothly, we do not compromise your flight safety at any point.

We Fly You To Over 20.000 Destinations World Wide

With its high standards, CKD Aviation sets the bar for luxury and corporate private jet charter services. We take great pride in offering a professional and individualized service.

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We ensure that the tastes they select from throughout the world are made for your flight crew and passengers at thousands of locations.


When you require assistance with your flights, we send one of our skilled teams to you.


We make it possible for you to meet your fuel requirements at a variety of contracted airports throughout the world.

Crew Management

For your company or aircraft, we direct our expert freelancing colleagues to you to satisfy your cabin crew and technical team deficiencies, including the cockpit crew.

Dispetch / OCC

We obtain your permissions, overflight permits, and slots for your flights using our skilled Dispectch/OCC staff.

Airport Handling

At various airports throughout the world, we provide handling services for you, your customers, your flight crew, and your aircraft.

Luxury Charters

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