Group jet charters provide the perfect way to have your group traveling together. With off-site check-in and security facilities, you eliminate the queues and hassle of traveling through a public airport. Fly your group directly to your destination, departing when you want and to your schedule. We cater to groups of all sizes.


Whether you are looking to transport oversized, hazardous, or urgent goods, we are here to find the best cargo jet charter for your needs. We are trusted by many around the world because of our global network and expertise that ensures your freight is delivered on time


We at CKD Aviation endeavor to make not just your trips but
also the important times you spend with your loved ones more
beautiful. During your holidays on the Mediterranean coast,
we will assign you the boat of your choice from dozens of
alternatives, and we are confident that our experienced chefs
and friendly crews will add happiness to your perfect
Mediterranean tour.

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